Through your sponsorship, you will be an encouragement and support to a child who has chosen to abandon life on the streets and begin a new life at the Lighthouse Ranch in Venezuela, The Baliza Ranch in the Dominican Republic, or at our home in South Sudan. Each ranch is a refuge from the street. It is a place where the boys come to be a part of a loving Christian family, usually for the very first time. They live in homes at the ranch with caring parents and up to ten “brothers”, most with the same history of abandonment and hopes for the future. Once there, they begin to experience a “normal” life for the first time: playing, doing daily chores, participating in family devotions, going to school, playing sports and learning skills to help them in the future. They also get the opportunity to attend camp in the summer time.

For $30 per month we have two options for sponsorship of the children in our long-term family style homes: Community Sponsorship and Individual Sponsorship. With your financial support we are able to help cover expenses such as: housing, nutritional meals, clothing, personal items, education (both formal and non-formal), medical and health                                                                                                                        attention, and recreational activities (including camps).

The Treehouse – Community Sponsorship

Join the Treehouse for $30 a month

The Treehouse is a unique sponsorship program that takes a holistic approach in caring for the child’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs as well as providing a unique opportunity for the sponsor to have communication with more than just one child.

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Instead of being assigned to just one boy, as is done with most traditional child sponsorship programs, you will have the opportunity to financially impact and correspond with as many boys as you would like from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, or South Sudan.  The Treehouse is designed to provide you, the donor, with monthly updates on one of the boys from each of these locations.

Once you become a member of the Treehouse you can use our Treehouse page to learn about current happenings and prayer needs in the life of each month’s featured boy.

You will be able to knowledgeably correspond with that featured boy via the Treehouse. He will, then, in turn have an opportunity to respond to your note/letter. This unique approach to sponsorship fosters relationships, includes each of the boys, and is well suited for those busy sponsors who prefer a “social media pen-pal” style of correspondence.

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Individual Sponsorship

Join our Individual Sponsorship for $30 a month

Individual Sponsorship is the traditional form of sponsorship where your correspondence will be with one boy from The Dominican Republic, Venezuela, or South Sudan. Upon receiving your request to sponsor a boy in one of our homes, you will be sent a packet with more personal information about your boy and a picture of him. Please realize though, our desire is not that you file away the picture and simply write a check once a month.

Angel with a letter from his sponsor, Frank

These boys need relationship. They need to know that they are frequently thought about and loved. They are encouraged that their sponsors are praying for them constantly. They are motivated, when they receive letters, drawings or pictures, and encouraged to do the same in return.

Once you sign up to become an individual sponsor you can use our Treehouse page to write a personal letter to your sponsored child or post a message to the boys featured on the page each month.

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Student Sponsorship

Life Navigation School

The La Baliza Life Navigation School was developed to offer life skills training and discipleship for kids leaving institutionalized care. The students attending will not only be from the NDLL homes, but from other organizations as well. For these kids, it’s a priceless opportunity to spend a few undistracted months discovering God, seeking His guidance, and experiencing faith. During their time at the La Baliza School these boys will learn, first of all, the life skills needed to succeed in Latin society. In addition, they attend daily classes in which they discover who they are and what their strengths are. Throughout the classes they set short and long term goals for their education, careers, ministries and families. All in all, their time at La Baliza will prepare them spiritually and mentally for living an independent life, all the while depending on God.


Unlike sponsoring a child in one of our long-term homes, the La Baliza School depends on short term sponsorship of each student that participates. Each boy, after being accepted into the program, will rely on many sponsors each to support their six month adventure. It’s through your sponsorship that these young men will be given the tools needed to navigate through life. Your short-term financial commitment provides partly for their transportation to and from the school in the Dominican Republic. In addition, those funds will cover expenses such as a weekly paycheck, earned by each boy for their work done around the ranch. They will learn to budget their income and expenses, using their paycheck to buy food for the week and any other necessities. Other expenses covered include Housing,
Education/Training and Recreational activities.



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