Q: How do I correspond with my child?

1. Facebook. You can communicate to your child through our Facebook page. These messages will be translated and passed on to your child. This is one of the most convenient and speedy ways to send letters and messages. Just go to the Niños de la Luz page.

2. The website Treehouse Page. This is a quick means of communication and a fun way to send pictures to your child. Your emails can be sent directly to a Sponsorship Coordinator where your letter will be translated, printed out and given to your child within a week or two of its arrival. Please make sure your child’s name and country is in the subject line.

3. If you don’t have access to the internet we can send your letters on to your child in the country where they live. This method takes quite awhile to arrive since the mail services in third world countries are very slow and unorganized. We would encourage you to write your child through one of the other internet options, but we are happy to make exceptions for those who need it. Letters received from your child may take a bit longer. Many of the kids need assistance in writing their letters. This help comes from their house parents, an “aunt” or “uncle” or from a staff member. The children’s letters are then sent to be translated at our US office and mailed to you by Facebook, email, or snail mail.

Q: Can I send gifts to my sponsored boy?

A: Because of custom regulations and the fees imposed on many gifts, we ask that donors send special gifts in the form of monetary gifts. Extra support of $20 or more will help us to buy birthday and Christmas gifts for the child from the sponsors.

Q: Does my $30 a month go directly to my child?

A:  We do not give the support to the child in the form of cash, but we do so by means of service. Our philosophy of ministry dictates that we provide a home for those children under our care. This includes providing house parents, meals, schooling etc. (see support breakdown). Your monthly support goes to providing these services for your child.

Q: Does each boy only have one sponsor?

A:  Each child is surrounded with several sponsors. Unfortunately, $30 a month will not cover the expenses for each child. This means we need to surround a child with several sponsors in order to adequately meet the child’s needs (see support breakdown).

Q: Can I visit my child someday?

A: If you live in Venezuela, you are invited to the Ranch’s family day, which takes place the last Saturday of every month. Just call the office or send us an e-mail letting us know that you would like to visit. If you live outside of Venezuela, we ask that you contact us at least 3 months prior to any trip. We can help arrange your visit to the Lighthouse Ranch in Venezuela or the Baliza Ranch in the Dominican Republic.

Q: What is The Graduate Program?

A: The Graduate Program is set up to continue sponsorship of your boy when they turn 18 years of age. Some of the boys will still be in high school others might be beginning college. These are crucial years for the boys under our care and we would like to continue to provide for their needs until they are able to care for themselves. We encourage your continued support until the NDLL staff decides that they should no longer be under the sponsorship program.

Q: What happens if my child leaves the Niños de la Luz?

A: Some children will leave before they graduate from the program. There are multiple reasons for this. Our goal is to continue to help the child, if possible, even though they are not with us. We will inform you on a case-to-case basis whether or not your child is still able to receive support. If your boy can no longer receive support for some reason, we will give you the option of sponsoring another boy.

Q: Have another question?

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