Niños de la Luz has witnessed dramatic changes in so many hurting kids because of individuals that have allowed God to work in and through them. He has brought and continues to bring willing people to our doors that have a heart to serve. There are plenty of opportunities to join our team of volunteers, wherever you live. Here are just a few:

Organize or send a work team



Teams have so much to give! Some teams focus mainly on physical projects. Many of the existing buildings on our properties were partially built or renovated by willing and hard working volunteers. Some teams provide activities and programs for the boys. Whatever the emphasis, team members reinforce the values the boys have been learning by their Godly conduct and show the boys that there are many people around the world who care about them. You can fill out a preliminary Team Application here.

student sponsorship

Adopt the Ministry

Take on Niños de la Luz and the kids there as your own ministry.
Get your church involved in sponsoring, praying for and writing to the boys.



Host or help with a fundraiser

Fundraisers are a great way, not just to bring in much needed financial resources, they get the word out about the ministry, and in many cases, bring people together for a fun, memorable event. For many years the annual Surf-a-thon, held in San Clemente was a time for families from churches in the area to get together and enjoy a day of surfing for a cause. In Wisconsin, the Box-a-thon Benefit encouraged people to “Live Homeless for a night and raise money for the boys.” The Dana Pointe Girl Scouts held a fundraiser sale and donated the proceeds to Niños de la Luz The possibilities are limitless. For more fundraising suggestions or a “How to” packet on the Box-a-thon contact




For those who desire to make a longer commitment in either of our locations, Venezuela or Dominican Republic or who would like to volunteer their time behind the scenes right where they are, fill out an online application here. To find out more about any volunteer opportunities please contact us at

Hana and boys2

Pray for the Ministry

For more specific prayer needs check out the current newsletter or our most recent Prayer Update.