work02Since the beginning of Niños de la Luz we have depended on the help of work teams to build and develop most of the homes, buildings and other structures which make up our two properties.roof silhouette

The Lighthouse Ranch in Venezuela began with one small home and a horse stable on the property. Now, because of the work teams that have come over the many years, there are three homes for the boys, a huge two-story community building, a basketball/recreation area and a large swimming pool.  It was also with the help of teams that the current Villa Solana home was built in the Dominica Republic and the apartments for the students in our Life Navigation School.

Alabama team sandingIn the past we have had teams come from U.S., Canada, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. The teams come, not only to build, but to encourage the staff there and to share their love with the boys. It’s truly an exciting time, both for the group and for those at the Ranch. It’s a time for fellowship between different cultures who, without the bond of Jesus Christ, would normally not cross paths.

There is always a project in the making or one off on the horizon. If you have the desire to put together a team please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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