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6 Responses to “Angelo”

  1. Aurora

    Hi Anyelo!
    I’m Aurora and I’m from Oregon. Here the landscape is really forested and green. That’s what I love about my home, all the trees and plants and creeks. Do you live in a foresty region? Does it rain a lot?
    I really enjoy sports too! I am part of a cross country team and a track & field team. Even during the off-season of these running sports, I like to go running every day with my friends. Do you like running and racing?
    I think “La Bandera” sounds super tasty! I love to eat dishes with rice and vegetables. I also love things like cheesy spaghetti and quesadillas. I also think it’s pretty fun to get my hands dirty working in the kitchen to cook food, especially when I get to cook with my older sisters. Do you ever enjoy cooking or baking with friends?
    I hope you have a great day, and I will pray for your English. God bless you.

  2. Dixon

    Hi Dixson Bledsoe!
    I feel so bad to send you this latter today, when you sent me one six months ago. How do you feel about it? It doesn’t matter, right? We are still talking through latters and that is good!
    Now, I want to anster your questions.
    I am reading four books in English at the same time. That’s crazy, I know. My books are The Bible, of course, The Pearl, Hind’s feet on High Places, and How Tia Lola came to stay which is in Spinglish.
    By the other hand, I want you to know that I passed the test, and now, I’m going to Santiago Christian School! That’s super great for me because I have studied very, very, very hard. You were part of it too.
    Please, write me back and not too late like me.
    Your student Anyelo!!

    • Dixson Bledsoe

      Haha, it’s okay! I knew you would write me back eventually. I am so happy to hear you are now going to Santiago Christian School!! I’m going to eat a mango and yucca tonight for dinner to celebrate! That’s so awesome that you are reading a lot. I cannot read that many books at the same time. You are so smart!

      Is Shannon going to do the summer day camp again this summer with the neighborhood kids? That was so fun to do. Are you going on any vacations this summer? To El Dudu or the beach with the big cliff? Remember that time we went in the kayak and I got scared because there were waves and I made you take me back to the sand? Haha good times! I wish I could be there with you all, playing dominoes and card games and talking about Star Wars. Have a great summer!

      Your teacher and friend, Dixson!

  3. Lucas Mowery

    Hey Anyelo!

    I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. I had such a fun time getting to learn more about you and getting to know you more in the last 2 weeks. Thank you again for supporting ROCKHARBOR and for coming out to do the day of VBS. I will say that you got me trying to practice hacky-sack at home, but I am still no where near as good as you are. It was really nice to get to see you again. You were so fun to get to meet and I hope that you can continue to follow in the ways of God. You are such a fun person to be around, and through you I really was able to see true joy. Your English is so amazing that I thought you were speaking it for years. Keep up practicing, and I am so happy that you will be able to go to Santiago Christian School next year. I am sad that you will not be at the Niños de la Luz next year, but I know that God has amazing plans for you.

    Tu amigo,
    Lucas Mowery

  4. amaris Montiel

    anyelo nada mas te conocí por un día y medio pero lo que conosi de ti fue tan divertido eros muy gracioso y ojal la próxima ves que vaya estaras mas días con nosotros. que te vaya bien en tus estudios 🙂

  5. Stormie

    Anyelo, I’m glad we ended up at the ranch the same weekend you were visiting from school. I’m praying that God helps you discern what to do with your future and that school continues to go well for you.


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