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Bero Kenyi

2 Responses to “Bero Kenyi”

  1. Gabriel Matthew Jones

    Hi Bero – I was just thinking about you this morning and praying for you. Age 13 is an important age as you enter your teenage years and grow physically, mentality and emotionally. I hope one day to visit you and the rest of guys at the Treehouse. I know God has great things in store for your life and I will be praying for you today and in the future. -Gabriel

  2. Bonny Scharine

    Bero, I saw your picture in the “Treehouse” and some information to get to know you. I like eggs too! I like to at them with cheese. You have a beautiful smile; give the gift of your smile to those around you who will be encouraged, and maybe need a smile in their day! You like math–good for you, that was always a hard subject for me. I’m glad you also like your class in Christian education– there is SO much to learn about God and His character, and His ways for us, and how He shows His love to us. Thru good times, and in bad times, we learn to experience His faithfulness to us and presence with us. It is the start of our new year today, and new beginnings are a part of our lives, for which we can be thankful. Happy New Year to you. I will pray for you tonight as we start thisnew year.


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