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One Response to “Sibilija”

  1. Bonny Scharine

    Sibilija, I am pleased to meet you through the Tree House. I am happy to hear that you have made some pretty nice friends there. A faithful friend is a real treasure. Do you know the Old Testament Bible story about David and Jonathan? They were best friends, and would be willing to protect each other from harm. It is one of my favorite stories. I read that you would like to be a pilot when you grow up. I have traveled by airplane a lot over the years, and I always say “thank you very much” to the pilot when I leave the plane, because they have such a responsible job, to arrive safely. I hope you get a chance to fly in a plane; it is so amazing to see the ground below and everything is so tiny; and being up among the clouds is both beautiful and mysterious. It makes me thank God, our creator, for so much He has done for us, in giving us His creation to enjoy. You have a good dream, to be a pilot, Ask God to guide your in your future plans, because He always knows what is best for us. I will pray for you and your friends there, that you will all grow to understand God better, and obey Him in all things, whether it is easy, or difficult.
    Bonny Scharine


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